It’s no surprise, but I’m a big fan of posting up and watching hours upon hours of the Food Network, so I really looked forward to this book (if I could tear myself away from Chopped long enough to read it).  I did and it’s a good book for all of you who began watching the Food Network years ago- before the days of Chopped, etc.  Man, what a turbulent place with incessant leadership changes and TV personalities.  The production quality from back in the day was poor, someone referred to it as “porn quality.”  Sounds nice.

Once I got into this book, I really got going.  It’s a bit confusing because the author refers to everyone with their first names as the employees do in the Food Network offices.  I’d recommend this book to anyone who regularly watches the channel, especially if you’re not a bandwagon fan and have been watching for a long while. 

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